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Social networks disrupt E-Marketing

Par |2017-06-26T19:04:51+01:00juin 26th, 2017|Création site web|

Today Internet users express themselves freely, listen to each other and advise each other. If Google is your friend the opinion of the Internet user will be your confidant. Everything is played today on the opinion, the note, the impression or the stars awarded to a particular brand, the notoriety of the professionals [...]

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E-Marketing SEO

Par |2017-06-21T01:30:48+01:00juin 21st, 2017|Création site web|

Referencing strategy (SEO). The place of SEO in the online marketing strategy The vast majority of Internet traffic comes from the main search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo! This is all the more true if you do not have or very little budget to invest in Google Adwords for example. The contribution of search [...]

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Why WordPress?

Par |2017-06-15T02:11:48+01:00juin 15th, 2017|Création site web|

WORDPRESS development. Why Wordpress? Wordpress is the most famous Content management system (CMS) on the market. To increase your reputation on the web and improve your visibility it is important to have a website fast, functional, boosted and of course attractive, it is vital for your SEO on search engines. Having relevant [...]

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What hosting for a successful website?

Par |2017-06-05T02:10:49+01:00juin 5th, 2017|Création site web|

Hosting strategy. From shared hosting to dedicated server. Renting a hosting in a host is renting resources on a server or on multiple servers grouped in datacenters, the more your applications or websites are resource-intensive (bandwidth, processor speed, performance of Hard disks, security, database, storage... etc.) The more efficient your accommodation will [...]

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